An academic year has two regular semesters.

Fall/Winter Semester

: October ~ January (4 months)

Spring/Summer Semseter 

: March ~ June (4 months)


Ranges are 1200€ ~ 1560€

per semester.


Individual Lesson

: 12 times (one-hour per time)


: Class Concert and more

Additionally Masterclass or Lecture or Seminar or Discussion


  • Application Form 

  • Playing record of the length within 10 minutes of completely well prepared piece

  • Profile photo of a high quality 

  • Resume in English within A4 one or two pages



Euro Arts has been internationally working in the classical music world business since 1994 and began to organize the Euro Music Festival & Academy (EMFA) since 1998 until now. To EMFA, more than 16,000 musicians have been taken part in, as faculty member, or participant or concert artist from all over the world. EMFA has been recognized internationally as a world-top quality in the organization as well as invited faculty of world-renowned fame and participants' high level. Many of our participants have won top prizes in prestigious international music competitions including ARD, Rubinstein, Chopin, Queen Elisabeth, Busoni, Casals, Rostropovich, etc.. And some of them became already international concert artist or university professor or orchestra member. 

With long-history organization of more than 27 years in international classical music world, and with one of the largest networks and connections with the best professors/world-top virtuoso artists / young-promising artists, Euro Arts came to realize the goal - establishing an international music education worldwide : Euro Arts Academy


EURO ARTS ACADEMY is open in October, 2020, via ONLINE first, due to the consistent pandemic situation. 

The following terms and conditions correspond to ONLINE academy regulations. 

By sending the audition materials, an applicant is regarded to

agree to abide by the terms and general conditions.


A year academic schedule is composed of two semesters of each 4 months. The 1st semester begins in October and ends in January. The 2nd half semester will be March ~ June.

Each semester of 4 months includes, as a curriculum, 12 individual lessons* (per student), masterclass, lecture, concerts and other music-related activities which are the essential parts for music education.


With no age limit, anyone who is studying music or who already completed study can apply for the admission audition, by submitting the application form / Playing record / Profile photo / Resume in English. The audition will be judged by the professor by whom an applicant wishes to study.

  • Application Form 

  • Playing record of the length within 10 minutes of completely well prepared piece

  • Profile photo of a high quality 

  • Resume in English within A4 one or two pages

shall be sent to


An applicant can choose up to three professors to study with. If the 1st-choice professor is not available, the teaching shall be done by the 2nd-chosen professor. If neither of them is available, the applicant will get taught by the professor who the organizer will pair. 



For the Fall semester which begins in October, the audition for admission is open on July 1 ~ September 22. For the Spring semester the application is open on December 1 ~ February 22. The applicants who are under the age of 16 must apply with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.



Who passes the audition will be accepted to enroll the Academy in 10 days after they get the notification of acceptance, by completing to pay the enrollment fee 480€ via bank-transfer to Euro Arts Academy bank account in Germany, followed by three installments which shall be paid on the 1st week of each month . Or, it is also possible to pay in full when enrolling. All expenses and fees for international bank transfers are to be paid by the applicant and will not be covered by Euro Arts Academy. In case a student shall pay the enrollment fee by a secondary option like either paypal or credit card, 5% from the enrollment fee amount shall be added when processing the payment.


Ranges are 1200€ ~ 1560€ per semester. The exact amount of the tuition fee will be informed individually to each successful applicant. The tuition fee shall be done via bank-transfer. In case a student shall pay the tuition fee by a secondary option like either paypal or credit card, 5% from the to-be-paid tuition fee shall be added when processing the payment.


At the end of each semester, the student will receive a certificate in a letter form confirming their study of Euro Arts Academy.


If a student completes a year academic two semesters, the diploma will be awarded. 


The cancellation shall be submitted in writing. No verbal cancellation is accepted. At any reason, the enrollment fee 480€ is non-refundable. The remainder fee deducting the lesson times already completed, will be refunded. After the exact amount calculation based on the total schooling administrative measuring value, the refund process would be started and notified to the canceller giving up studying. 

Eva Sperl

Eva Sperl

GERMANY The University of Music, Leipzig / Weimar

Euro Arts Academy

Euro Arts Academy

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