Moo Jong Jo - Adjunct Professor

         Teaching Languages

         _ English, Korean

         SOUTH KOREA

         Busan highschool of arts

         Concertmaster of

         Six Symphony Orchestras in

         Gyeongsang Province

Moojong Jo started playing violin officially at the Busan highschool of Arts. During his highschool years, He participated in many competitions and won many prizes including 1st prize at the 1st Korea chamber competition in Seoul.


After finishing as 1st place in the violin section of the school, he went on to study and graduate both Bachelor and Master's degree at the Korea National University of Arts. He continued his studying at the Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater Hannover in Germany, and received a post-graduate degree for training as a concertmaster (Orchester Solo Literatur). He went on to Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, and received both post-graduate degrees in Solo performance and Chamber music.

During his years in Germany, he also performed concert tours in Northern Germany as a contract member of the Kammerphilharmonie Koeln as both soloist and chamber musician (total 40 concerts).


And he also won 1st prizes in two international competitions in Lecce and Bari, Italy.


Moojong Jo is currently teaching and lecturing at the Busan Highschool of Arts (Busan, South Korea) and is concertmaster of six symphony orchestras in Gyeongsang province, Korea.

He performs regularly as soloist, chamber musician, and concertmaster all around Korea.