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Phillip Kawin’s performances are always deeply considered: he follows in a lineage from Cortot and was influenced by Dora Zaslavsky Koch, a student of Bauer and Backhaus. Kawin’s reading of the Beethoven C minor concerto combines a strong grasp of structure with intense concentration on detail, as did his previously issued Appassionata....

International Piano / No. 59 September 2019

By Colin Clarke


Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano Concerto No 3 in C minor OP. 37

Teaching Languages

_ English, French



The Manhattan School of Music, New York

Phillip Kawin has developed a highly individual pedagogical approach that has established him as a much sought after artist-teacher. His concepts have evolved through an eclectic background of training that combines a variety of artistic and esthetic influences. He has created a teaching methodology that presents the principles of technique and musicianship in a detailed analytical approach—an approach that does not ignore the intuitive aspect of music-making. Mr. Kawin studied with Alfred Cortot‘s long-time associate Jules Gentil at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, in New York City with Howard Aibel (Rosina Lhevinne’s assistant), with John Perry, and later with Dora Zaslavsky (who had studied with Wilhelm Backhaus and Harold Bauer) at Manhattan School of Music. In 1989, Mr. Kawin was appointed to the college faculty of Manhattan School of Music, where he currently works with a select studio of advanced and highly gifted pupils from diverse corners of the globe.

Mr. Kawin’s students have won top honors in the Young Concert Artists Auditions as well as in the Martha Argerich International, Jacob Flier International, World Piano, Kosciuszko, Thelonious Monk International (jazz piano), Melilla in Spain, Heida Hermanns, Soulima Stravinsky International, Josef Hofmann, Mieczyslaw Munz, Leschetizky, and Long–Thibaud Crespin International competitions. Phillip Kawin is in constant demand at premier international conferences and festivals, having given his renowned lectures and insightful master classes in Russia, Hong Kong, Israel, China, Korea, Taiwan, the U.S., and throughout Australia. A critic writes: “During these moments, the highest art of piano playing came into view. An image of great pianism not as a demonstration of velocity, or accuracy, but great pianism as absolute control of sound. Phillip Kawin leads his students to reach for that sound, a sound that borders on the architectural and the orchestral. Once heard, that sound stays in the ear-hauntingly. When the master class was over, we were fatigued physically, but mentally stimulated. The sound, and those ideas would remain, they are all too rare. ” (Atlanta Music Teachers Association master class) For the past 17 years, he has been in residence at the PianoSummer at SUNY New Paltz (New York), an International Institute/Festival, as well as appearing regularly at the Summit Music Festival (New York), the International Academy of Music in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (Italy), and the Beijing International Music Festival & Academy (China). Phillip Kawin has been a guest adjudicator for such competitions as the Beethoven International Piano Competition Vienna, Bösendorfer USASU International Piano Competition (four times), Sydney International, and the 6th International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians (Suwon, Korea). He is featured on five DVDs (master classes and lectures) for Excellence in Music, Inc., recorded live at the annual World Piano Pedagogy Conference(s).

Phillip Kawin has received critical acclaim for his performances in venues all over the world - from Sydney’s Angel Place Recital Hall to Beijing’s Forbidden City Concert Hall - which have received critical acclaim: “… Kawin came out to play Prokofiev Sonata No. 7 in B-flat, probably like no pianist, let alone the composer himself, has played it. A mesmerizing power, devoid of percussiveness and angularity associated with Prokofiev’s piano scores, emanates from Kawin’s moulding touch that evolves to diabolic mysterium.”(New Paltz, New York) As recitalist and as soloist with orchestra, he has performed throughout Australia, China, Korea, Italy, Russia, Spain and the US. Phillip Kawin has an exclusive recording contract with the Master Performers Record Label. His debut album featuring works of Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt and Prokofiev was launched at Steinway Hall in New York in 2008, and received with critical acclaim. His all-Schubert CD recorded in June 2014 under the direction of renowned Grammy Award winning producer Steven Epstein, was released in 2015.

Mr. Kawin has given master classes at the Moscow Conservatory, Saint Petersburg State Conservatory, Tel-Hai International Piano Masterclasses, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Seoul National University, Van Cliburn Piano Institute, among many others. Most recently, he gave master classes at the DMZ and the Busan international festivals in South Korea; the Harvard Club in New York (the first-ever class at that historic venue); Summit Music Festival; and for the Sibelius Academy in Finland, through the Symposium and Practicum in Synchronous Distance Learning.


Phillip Kawin is a Steinway Artist.

菲利普·凯文(Phillip Kawin)高度个性化的钢琴教学方法已经确立了他作为一个非常受欢迎的艺术家和钢琴教育家的地位。他的教学理念来源于他丰富的学习背景,结合了多种钢琴学派的艺术和审美的影响发展而成。他创造的教学方法通过对音乐进行详细分析的做法来解释技巧和音乐中的重要原则,但同时并不忽视音乐中敏锐直觉的重要性。凯文先生曾在巴黎高等师范音乐学院师从朱尔斯·让蒂尔(阿尔弗雷德·科托的助手),在纽约师从霍华德·艾贝尔(罗西娜·列维涅的助手),约翰·佩里,之后随多拉·扎斯拉夫斯基(威尔海姆·巴克豪斯和哈罗德·鲍尔的学生)在曼哈顿音乐学院学习。凯文先生从1989年开始在曼哈顿音乐学院从事教学工作。他现在所教授的班级是由一批从世界各地通过严格的入学考试而来的有天赋的学生所组成。


凯文先生的学生已经在一系列的重要比赛中获奖。其中包括纽约青年音乐会艺术家比赛,阿格里奇国际钢琴比赛,雅克布·弗里尔国际钢琴比赛,世界钢琴比赛,克修斯可钢琴比赛,蒙克国际钢琴比赛(爵士),西班牙梅利利亚钢琴比赛,海达·赫尔曼斯钢琴比赛,斯特拉文斯基国际钢琴比赛,约瑟夫·霍夫曼钢琴比赛,米尔齐斯拉夫·蒙兹钢琴比赛,莱谢蒂茨基钢琴比赛,玛格丽特隆-蒂伯国际钢琴比赛。菲利普·凯文先生还在许多重要的国际会议和音乐节中举行讲座和教授大师课,包括在俄罗斯,香港,以色列,中国,韩国,台湾,美国和澳大利亚各地。一位乐评写道:“在这些时刻里,我们见到了钢琴演奏的最高艺术。伟大的钢琴演奏不是速度和准确性的演示,而是对声音的随心所欲的控制力。菲利普·凯文引导学生追求那种建筑性的和乐队的音响效果。当找到那样的声音时,那声音停留在脑中让人流连忘返。当大师课结束时,我们的身体感到疲劳,但精神上却受到振奋。那些声音和见解都会在脑中持续很久,因为他们都太罕见了。”(亚特兰大音乐教师协会大师班)在过去的17年里,他一直任教于纽约新帕尔茨 “钢琴之夏”音乐节,并长期在纽约萨米特音乐节,意大利卡斯德尔诺-加尔法尼亚纳国际音乐学院,和中国北京国际音乐节暨学院中进行教学工作。凯文先生还在许多国际钢琴比赛中担任评委,包括维也纳贝多芬国际钢琴比赛,贝森多夫USASU国际钢琴比赛,悉尼国际钢琴比赛,以及第六届青年柴可夫斯基国际钢琴比赛。此外他的讲座和大师课还出现在卓越音乐的五张现场录制于世界钢琴教学大会的DVD中。


菲利普·凯文先生在世界各地的演出获得了许多乐评的赞扬,从悉尼的天使广场演奏厅到北京的中山音乐堂。一则乐评中写道:“… 凯文出来演奏普罗科菲耶夫降B大调第7号奏鸣曲,不像任何其他演奏此曲的钢琴家或作曲家本人。凯文塑造性的触键中并没有与普罗科菲耶夫的钢琴乐谱通常有关联的打击性、有棱角的声音,反而放射出一种迷人的力量,逐渐演变成魔鬼般的神秘效果。”他曾在澳大利亚,中国,韩国,意大利,俄罗斯,西班牙和美国演奏独奏音乐会以及与乐团合奏演奏协奏曲。此外他与Master Performers唱片公司签有独家录音合同。他的首张专辑2008年在纽约斯坦威音乐厅发行,由贝多芬,舒曼,李斯特和普罗科菲耶夫的作品所组成,收到了乐评的好评。他全舒伯特作品的专辑于2014年6月录制完成,由著名的音乐制作人、格莱美奖获得者史蒂芬·艾普斯坦监制,已于2015年夏天发行。





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