Welcome to Euro Arts ONLINE Academy! 

EURO ARTS ACADEMY is an international music education institution with world-top professors teaching for music-studying young musicians in diverse campuses in Europe (including Germany) and in Asia (including South Korea) all year round.


EURO ARTS ACADEMY structures with diversity : Long-Term and Short-Term studies. 

Long-Term study is two semesters of 4 months each a year. 

Its Fall/winter semester is October ~ January and Spring/summer semester is March ~ June.  


The audition for 2021 Spring semester is now open. APPLY NOW!!!

Inquiries - Text or email us at euroartsacademy@gmail.com 

Short-Term study includes one class and intensive masterclass, which is available all year round. Application is open any time.  

Inquiries - Text or email us at euroartsacademy@gmail.com 

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