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The Ueno Gakuen University,

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Born in Hokkaido,  Takahiro Hoshino started playing the piano at the age of four, and the following year he will perform improvisational performances and his own compositions for the first public performance. Received the 1st prize in the Hokkaido and the 3rd prize in the Tokyo competition for elementary school students in the All Japan Student Music Competition. After working at Toho High School Music Department (co-education), studied at the same university and the same university graduate school. While attending school, he won the piano audition of Ienaga Music Office, etc., won the top prize, and performed actively. Since 1994, he has been studying as a Hungarian government-sponsored international student at the Hungarian National Liszt Conservatory. While studying abroad, Maria Canals International Competition Special 1st Medal (4th), Viotti-Barcesia International Competition 2nd, Cantu International Piano Concerto 1st and Audience Award, Master Players International Competition Winner (Master Players Grand Prize) ), Special Honor Award, TIM ROMA International Competition Special Honor Award, and many other international competitions.


As a result, he was invited to music festivals all over Europe such as the Young Prague International Music Festival and the Master Players International Music Festival. When invited to the Hungarian International "Five Harps" Music Festival, the Music Festival Committee will award the "Lira Award" to the most talented and promising artists. So far, the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, the Hungarian MAV Symphony Orchestra, the Hungarian Szolnok City Symphony Orchestra, the Moscow Orchestra, the Romanian National Orchestra, the Polish Sudetec Orchestra, the Prague Chamber Orchestra, and the Tokyo New City Orchestra and Sapporo in Japan. Performs with orchestras such as the Symphony Orchestra. The debut recital at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan in 2000 was a great success, and it was featured on the top page of "10 Japanese pianists who can't take their eyes off now" in "Music Contemporary". Is highly evaluated. After that, he held recitals at Kioi Hall and Hamarikyu Asahi Hall every year, and "Yoshihiro Kono Konzert's Evening" (co-starring: Prague Chamber Orchestra), all of which were very successful.


In 2006, he co-starred with pianist Takehiko Yamada in the first installment of the "Meikyoku Ganryujima" series (Hamarikyu Asahi Hall), and since then has attracted audiences in various places. Currently, in addition to holding recitals in various parts of Japan and Europe, he is engaged in a wide range of performance activities such as concerto soloists, chamber music, NHK-FM recitals, and appearances at the Asahi Culture Center. In addition to his active performance activities, he was a lecturer at the Piano Department of the Faculty of Music, Toho Gakuen University (2001-2013). Currently, he is an associate professor in the piano department of the Faculty of Music, Ueno Gakuen University, and a visiting professor from Sapporo Conservatoire. In addition, he has been invited as an invited professor to the Euro Music Festival & Academy held in Halle, Germany since 2013, and appears at the same music festival every summer, and teaches younger generations in the master class. In 2018,he established the FIERTÉ Piano Academy and became the director.


So far, at domestic and international competitions such as the Japanese Music Competition (sponsored by Mainichi Shimbun), Ienaga Piano Audition, Tosu Huppel Competition, Glenzen Competition, Pitina Competition, Japanese Classic Competition, Viotti International Competition, Cantu International Competition, IBLA International Competition, etc. Raise the winners of. He has studied under Hiroyasu Kawahara, Noriyuki Miyazawa, Sadako Matsuoka, Etsuko Tazaki, George Nádor, and Ferenc Rados, and is blessed with interaction with French piano master Eric Heidsieck. So far, "LISZT-SCHUBERT" and "Appassionata / Kreisleriana" have been released by Aurora Classical. Received high praise, such as being selected as a special edition by a record art magazine. In 2012, Octavia Records released "LISZT I-Confrontation with the Inner Abyss-", the first transfer. Selected as a semi-special edition and Yomiuri Shimbun recommendation edition by record art magazines.

After that, Beethoven albums "Passion" and "STORY" Takahiro Hoshino's Best Selection were released from NYS Classics.

In recent years, he has performed solo recitals and orchestras in various parts of Japan, chamber music concerts, as well as Bartok's Piano Concerto No. 3 as a soloist at the Hungarian Szolnok Municipal Symphony Orchestra Subscription Concert and the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. It was a great success. Currently T & K Classics Takagi Clavier Co., Ltd. Group exclusive artist 



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