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- Stavros Dritsas, GREECE/UK

I wish I knew Professor Scheps earlier in my piano studies.


The beginning of my piano studies was quite problematic, and through my studies in Athens, Paris and London, I had ...... 

Professor Scheps gives me the correct answers to my questions, in particular regarding technique. His technical insight is simply invaluable. I still have a long way to go in order to embody his technical guidance, but I already feel that things work better than before. In the meantime, his artistic/interpretative guidance is second to none.....  I will definitely try to find ways to study with this great master. 


Professor Ilja Scheps


- Emy Joui Karr, GERMANY

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take lessons with Prof. Kufferath! I am so glad that there was such a course at this time with Corona being everywhere and where meeting people is really difficult. I found the course very good, and I have learned a lot of new things. Even the audio and camera quality were ok so that there weren’t any problems with hearing each other.

Also thank you, for answering all my questions! 

Professor Kuffearth Course.jpg

Professor Elisabeth Kufferath

YST Academy-45.jpg


I would love to continue studying at Euro Arts Academy under the tutelage of Professor Diana Ketler, as I realize how much I have gained a lot of performing knowledge and also how immensely I got improved my technical aspect under Professor Ketler's tutelage. 

In this regard, I would greatly appreciate to  Euro Arts Academy.


Professor Diana Ketler

DuruErcoskunPhoto (2).JPG

- Duru Ercoskun, TURKEY

One step up now thanks to Prof. Frölich. This kind of experience adds a lot to a young pianist's future life.


And thank you for your contribution as well. 

- from Duru's aunt, piano professor


Professor Andreas Frölich


- Orsolya Boglárka Csibi, HUNGARY

This masterclass was a fantastic experience and provided me tremendously helpful advices.


It was a wonderful possibility to learn from the best professor already at such a young age as mine.


The teaching I received will influence my practice not only for the next few years but as a lifelong experience, my future progression as a pianist. 


Professor Piotr Paleczny

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