- Emy Joui Karr, GERMANY

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take lessons with Prof. Kufferath! I am so glad that there was such a course at this time with Corona being everywhere and where meeting people is really difficult. I found the course very good, and I have learned a lot of new things. Even the audio and camera quality were ok so that there weren’t any problems with hearing each other.

Also thank you, for answering all my questions! 

Professor Elisabeth Kufferath

- Dr. Brody D. Smith, USA

Just a note to thank you and to let you know that the experience today was wonderful.  There were no technical issues.  Furthermore, Peter is a superb musician and teacher.  I somehow knew he would be.  He is also an exquisite human being.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him and also to you for all the work you and your staff have done to make this a reality....


I am planning to continue study with Prof. Jablonski the spring semester.

Professor Peter Jablonski


I would love to continue studying at Euro Arts Academy under the tutelage of Professor Diana Ketler, as I realize how much I have gained a lot of performing knowledge and also how immensely I got improved my technical aspect under Professor Ketler's tutelage. 

In this regard, I would greatly appreciate to  Euro Arts Academy.

Professor Diana Ketler

- Matthew Kaung, SINGAPORE/JAPAN

I want to share our experience on our online lesson. Prof. Kawin is a really special teacher to me. Prof. Kawin not only has special way in teaching. He is also fully devoted to his students. I have benefit a lot from past 6 months online lessons. We are so grateful that Euro Arts Academy let us have this opportunity to learn with this exceptional teacher and musician. I hope we can meet again soon in summer festival in Germany. Wish you good and happy in year 2021!

Professor Phillip Kawin

- Yeonwoo Shin, SOUTH KOREA

I shall say that professor Jin Sang Lee is one of the best piano professors whom I have ever met. He taught me in such a compassionate and heartfelt way and I was guided to see music in a logical view. 

It was so moving and impressing that Professor Lee devoted himself to giving the best virtual teaching. 

I would like to meet Professor Lee soon again at an upcoming masterclass.

Professor Jin Sang Lee

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